Jelly Fish Lamp
Jelly Fish Lamp
Jelly Fish Lamp

Jelly Fish Lamp

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Jelly Fish Aquarium Lamp


Bring your room to life with the Jelly Fish Lamp. Wow your friends, family and kids with the dancing, glowing Jelly Fish. Illuminate your room as part of a fantastic display with your house décor

Reduce Nightmares - Night lamps can help ease children into sleep especially if they have trouble with night-time fears. The Jelly Fish Aqua Lamp can help reduce anxiety by bringing friendly creatures to their room helping them to sleep easy.

Beautiful Colours - The lights and patterns bring beautiful colours to decorate the room and create a special atmosphere. Change your atmosphere at the touch of a button

Dancing Jelly - The inbuilt water pump housed inside the aquarium helps the Jelly Fish come to life by circulating them up and down the Lamp

Note: The Jelly Fish are made out of artificial material and are not living creatures

Power Saver - The Jelly Fish lamp will auto-off after 4 hours to save power

Tips for Usage

Occasionally you may find the Jelly Fish stay at the bottom and don't float to the top. If this happens add dishwashing liquid to your Jelly Fish lamp and wait for this to mix in, keep adding until the Jelly Fish start floating around. 

By adding dishwashing liquid to the water, it increases the density of the water which in turn makes the Jelly Fish float.

As always, be careful when adding water and keep children under supervision when using the Jelly Fish lamp.


Large: 14cm*14cm*40cm

Small: 10.7*10.7*30cm

  • USB Powered
  • Or, Batter Powered
  • Multi-coloured lighting options