Rewards Info - Piggy Bank

Here at Penny Droppers, we love to bring joy to our customers - providing you with rewards is one way we can do this simply click on the rewards bag on the bottom left of your screen or here. Simply create account and get earning! 

However there are a few things we must state below:

  1. Multiple likes and dislikes from Facebook and follows and unfollows on Instagram will not trigger multiple points being added to your account
  2. Your rewards for referring a friend will be applied to your account after your friend has made a purchase on our website
  3. Only coupons that have been redeemed via the rewards system before going to checkout can be applied. Any coupons received after the transaction cannot be applied
  4. Coupons or points cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of monetary currency
  5. Pennies (points) cannot be transferred to another account
  6. Abuse of the rewards system to unfairly gain points or coupons will not be tolerated - coupons or points obtained by means not listed in the Rewards or Referral program may result in the removal of all points and coupons under your account and any associated accounts involved in the abuse.
  7. We have the right to amend points as necessary
Any queries regarding the rewards system can be directed to