Redone hair wax red
Redone hair wax black
Redone hair wax blue
Redone hair wax purple
Redone hair wax quicksilver
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Red One Aqua Hair Wax
Red One Aqua Hair Wax
Red One Aqua Hair Wax
Red One Aqua Hair Wax
Red One Aqua Hair Wax
Red One Aqua Hair Wax
Red One Aqua Hair Wax

Red One Aqua Hair Wax

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Redone Aqua Wax is an absolute game changer for styling hair and it ticks all the boxes in good hair wax!

- Not just for short hair! Women and men with longer hair have found use with our Redone Aqua Wax in maintaining the baby hairs that can become a nuisance as they stick out from longer hair!

- Holds well throughout the day. Many wax and gel products can melt as it gets hot over the day, however the combination of gel and wax with Redone utilizes the best of both gel and wax properties to give a great hold throughout the day and is easily washable.

- Natural looking aqua wax. Apply it in moderation and your hair can naturally hold throughout the day

With 150ml of hair product, this will certainly serve you a lot more than most other hair product offerings, before having to purchase more. (Note Forming Cream comes in 100ml)
Redone Wax is a great product and we are proud to be able to bring this to the New Zealand market!

good looking male hairstyle


- Olive Redone Aqua Hair Wax: Cologne smelling scent (the new staff favourite)

- Quicksilver Redone Aqua Hair Wax is a musky scented wax most popular with men.

- Green Redone Aqua Hair Wax: Smell like a sweet apple.

- Orange Redone Aqua Hair Wax: Orange lollies scent

- Keratin Matte Redone Aqua Hair Wax: Flowery scent with Keratin to treat your hair

- Argan Matte Redone Aqua Hair Wax: with Argan Oil to treat your hair

- Red Redone Aqua Hair Wax: Watermelon fruity smell

- Blue Redone Aqua Hair Wax: Bubblegum tasty scent.

- Purple Redone Aqua Hair Wax: Grape scent

- White Redone Aqua Hair Wax is a Honey Shampoo scented wax.

- Black Redone Aqua Hair Wax  is a sweet smelling professional scent. 

- Redone Forming Cream (100ml) flexible hold for lighter hair with a fresh smelling scent