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Magical Stars Projector

Magical Stars Projector

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The Magical Stars Help You Sleep

Imagine a night where your kids are giving you peace and silence. We all love our babies and kids but sometimes you need time for yourself and it can be a struggle to have your kids occupied. The Magical Stars Projector will capture the imagination of kids and let them fall asleep into a starry night. Kiwi parents across New Zealand have told us how wonderful our night lights are for their kids trying to sleep and how it has helped them get some time to themselves.

magical stars projector night lamp

Adjustable Brightness - Lets you adjust the strength of the light to ensure the light is not too bright for your child's eyes

Rotating Globe - Makes the Solar System move through the ceiling to make the light more interactive when used for playing and stargazing

Reduce Nightmares - Night lights can help ease children and babies into sleep especially if they have trouble with night time fears. The Magical Stars Projector can help reduce anxiety by gently illuminating their room as they fall asleep using this as a night light

Beautiful Colours - The lights and patterns bring beautiful colours to decorate the room and create a special atmosphere


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It's also a perfect gift for anyone who is into the Space, Stars and Imagination. Get creative with the Magical Star.

You won't find this one in stores! Sold online only


  •  5 Different Film Strips (Solar System, Stars, Ocean, Happy Birthday Kitten)
  • USB Powered
  • Rotating Globe